Here Comes 2012

The New Year is almost here! I am working on a goal list, and I hope to post that next week. I wanted to post a little “sneak peak” at one of the projects on my list, in case you are interested in joining me.

I plan to work through Tsh Oxenreider’s book One Bite at a Time.

I regularly read Tsh’s blog Simple Mom and the other Simple Living Media blogs. I enjoy the practical advice she gives for living a simple life. You can read all about the book One Bite at a Time here. In a nutshell, it has 52 projects to help make your life simpler.

I’ve looked at organizing and simplifying websites and books before, and many have these elaborate systems you have to adopt in order to “simplify.” I don’t need things to be more complicated. I want simple. This book seems to be the perfect answer. It has 52 projects to complete in any order and at your own pace. Projects include things like learning to menu plan, making a family mission statement, getting a debt-free plan and the like.

My goal is to go through the book in my own order and at my own pace. Some of the projects are one-time things and others are habits to develop over time. I plan to blog about one project a week, probably on Friday. This will give me some accountability in completing the book and some writing practice (another goal on my list.) And, thankfully, some of the projects I already do, so I’ll have a few weeks of breathing space.

If you’d like to come along on the journey to simplify, feel free to get your own copy of the book! It’s only $5. (And, if you check out a recent post on her blog, you’ll find that there is a code for saving a buck through January 6!)

Here’s to a simpler life in 2012!

***Disclaimer: I’m not receiving any compensation for mentioning this book. I’m just interested in it enough to buy my own copy and work through it here.***


5 thoughts on “Here Comes 2012

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