Where’s my robot?

I was flipping channels on the television the other day when I came across the old show The Jetsons. I loved that show as a kid!

Meet George Jetson. Jane his wife … [Insert futuristic sounding music.] …  Sing it with me!

The Jetson family lived in space, flew around in little space mobiles and had robots that did all of their housework for them.

I’m wondering what happened to those robots? Where is mine? When I was a kid, it seemed like the future was all about technology that created robots to do our work for us.

Instead we got this:

Technology that distracts us from doing our housework.

Go figure.

And that, my friends, is why this blog has random in the name.

Carry on.


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Identity Crisis

I think I have an identity crisis going on. I need a cool name for my blog. I started with “From My Pen,” a while back when I thought I would do a lot of writing. Then, I changed to my name, cause I thought it would be fun to have more than just writing, because I have other interests, too. Now, I have something away from my name, cause, well, I just don’t like the name thing. Hmmm….

I just can’t get a “cool” name that I really love. Most of the blogs I follow have really neat names. A lot of them also have a specific focus, which might be part of my problem. I don’t have a specific focus here, it’s just me sharing my random brain. Maybe “Random Brain” would be a good name. I’m feeling stuck.

Sometimes when I share how I’m stuck, it helps me get unstuck. Maybe this post will provide inspiration for my name. Maybe I need a focus. Maybe I just need to go to bed! 😉

Pajama Ride!

The Hubs and I attended a little marriage conference today (Marriage Matters Iowa: Hitched & Happy; we recommend it). One of the things they suggested for having a good marriage is to have fun together. One of those things that obviously makes sense, but sometimes doesn’t happen in the busy lives we have. The couple leading the discussion gave some creative ideas for fun dates, some of them including the whole family.
We think we’ll have to try their suggestion of Pajama Ride. Here’s what you do: Have the kiddos get ready for bed as usual. When the kids are just about asleep in their beds, barge in the room and make a big ruckos saying, “Pajama ride!” Then, load the kids in the car and drive somewhere, like an ice cream place.
Sounds fun to me!
Here’s the kicker: The couple who shared this have two kids in college and one about to finish high school. Recently, the parents were in bed and almost asleep when … you guessed it … the kids barged into their room, yelling “Pajama ride!” The kids took the parents out for ice cream.
How fun is that?