Being OK with Me — A Quote

Today I have a quote for you from Rich Mullins, about Being OK with Me.

Well you know this whole ministry mumbo jumbo stuff – I don’t buy that. I think you are who you are, and you just live your life, and eventually we’ll all be dead, and it will probably matter very little that any of us actually lived except to God who made us. And the only way we can possibly do anything meaningful to God is to be who He made us to be. And the rest of this stuff about doing stuff for God and this and that I think is a bunch of hype. If I were going to be a good car, if Mr Ford had invented me, and I wanted to bring Mr Ford glory, what would I do? I wouldn’t go conquer countries. I wouldn’t plow fields. I would simply be a car, and so I think that God created me to simply be a person. And I think that God looks down and gets a big kick out of people, but what He finds are a bunch of heroes. And I think He is bored with heroism. And I think it’s just a matter of being who you are. The trick of the trade is letting go of your own ideas of yourself and letting God to define you as you go along, which is very hard to do because we like to think way more highly of ourselves than we ought to and at the same time we think far more angrily towards ourselves than we should. I think that God likes us awfully much more than we imagine that He does, but I don’t think He likes us because we are so very cool or so very useful or so very valuable. I think that God just is love, so He can’t help but like us.


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