What I Learned in September

I am writing what I learned this month and linking up with Emily P. Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky. Emily is one of my favorite writers, and this little link-up is perfect for my random brain.

1. I like to stare out the window of my back door. I’ve known this for a while. (I’ve often wondered if anyone ever sees this. And if they do, if they think I looked trapped or something.) I learned that staring out my window can be educational. You might see a weird blob on your deck chair and go out to investigate. You might realize the weird blob is actually a teeny, tiny frog. At the request of your 9-year-old son, you might post a picture of that frog on Facebook and find out it is a gray tree frog. And they make good pets. And you will be happy that the neighbor girl scared the frog away before you learned all those facts.

002_12. While Googling “gray tree frog,” I learned that there are frog forums on the internet. And you can listen to frog sounds whenever you want. You’re welcome.

3. I learned how to measure light levels at a major football stadium while traveling with my husband on his work trip.

4. I learned that using your husband’s work trip as an excuse to escape to the beach is a very, very good idea. We spent a whole day just hanging at the beach. We sat. We read. We napped. We walked. We talked. It was glorious! Rest is good. I repeat, rest is good.


I know I learned more, but I can’t think of much. There are just too many random things to keep track of them. I’ll do better next month. 🙂


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