My Year of Dance

There was significantly less dancing in 2012 than I anticipated.

DanceThe word Dance pretty much climbed onto my lap and demanded I pick it as my word, but then it seemed to retreat and disappear without a trace. It was everywhere I looked at the end of 2011: the impromptu classroom dance party, a wedding reception dance, a trip to see the Nutcracker with my girls, mom and sister. I even looked at my previous words and how they created a glaring equation … Discipline + Balance + Grace = Dance.

My initial thought about the word dance was to feel more free to act and live in the moment. To spend less time thinking about what’s next or what is behind, but to simply enjoy each moment as it comes.

It was the Nutcracker performance that got me thinking of another element of dance. There were darling little girls dancing their hearts out, clearly

enjoying every moment of being on the stage. And there were the “main” ballerinas, who had obviously spent most of their lives training for their roles. Every movement was precise and perfect, as near as I could tell. They had less enthusiasm than the little girls, but a more refined gracefulness and beauty.

The little girls and the professional ballerinas all spent many hours preparing and practicing for the performance. Dance is not solely the spontaneous, “in the moment” movement I initially imagined. That is only one part of it. There is another part that requires discipline and practice and time to learn new skills.

Maybe I need more time to prepare for dancing. As with most years I have chosen a word, insights into the word have come in spurts. I’m still thinking about all the words I’ve used in the past. It seems most of them are onions with many layers.

So, dance is not over. Maybe I need to chase it around or invite it to come play. There is a new word for 2013. Hopefully it gets along with my old words, because they all seem to be hanging around.



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