The Journey

A friend of mine has started a new venture to encourage women in making small changes to improve their health. It’s called The Journey: Small Changes. Big Picture. There is a Facebook page and a new blog. I’ll be contributing over there once a week, likely every Thursday. (It’s new, so that could change.)

Today I’m introducing myself and sharing a little bit about my own journey to eating better and getting exercise.

I’ve spent some time writing about my own journey and what I’ve learned about making physical and spiritual changes in my life. Interestingly, they tend to go together. One of the changes I have made over the past few years has been changing how I eat. It has been an incredibly slooooow journey, and would look like a roller coaster if I could map out my progress. I’ve pretty much always been a person who did not watch what I eat. I enjoy eating. I like food. I’ve always preferred Cheetos over carrots.  Mt. Dew has been a mainstay for many years. I generally looked at people who counted every calorie or never ate dessert and thought they were missing out …

To read the rest of my post, head on over to The Journey!




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