Day 16: Trigger Happy

If you are working on quitting a bad habit, I am going to guess that you will have some sort of craving or longing for that thing you are trying to quit. It’s exciting at first to kind of kick those cravings to the curb, but as time passes, the cravings can even get worse. It’s tempting to think, “Just one ….”

Instead of giving in, turn your temptation into a learning experience. When a craving or longing comes, stop and figure out what triggered the craving. At first, you might not see anything, but after time, you might notice a pattern.

When giving up soda and sugar, I quickly found a trigger. When I was feeling stressed out or overwhelmed with something, my response was to want to reach for that sugary treat. I was kind of surprised by this, although I’m not sure why. I kind of just thought I had a bad habit because, well, we all have a bad habit or two. After a few days and weeks of working on those habits, though, it became very clear that my bad habits had some depth I hadn’t realized.

I can’t promise that every bad habit has a trigger, it’s probably more of the addiction type habits. But, take some time to evaluate if there is a trigger that influences your bad habit. I’ll be paying attention to see if there are things that trigger me wanting to jump online.



2 thoughts on “Day 16: Trigger Happy

  1. I need to go back to no sugar. I did it for a month before I got pregnant with my fourth child (and then for a while when I was pregnant because of gestational diabetes). I found that the best way for me to curb the craving was to reach for strawberries instead. Other fruits were great, too, but for some reason, strawberries was what kept me from reaching for chocolate chips. Of course, if I could dip the strawberries in sugar free pudding, that was an extra special treat too! 😉 I loved knowing that there was something else I could do instead of reach for my treat. I need to work on my computer time as well. I’m afraid my kids are going to start talking about my love of my iPod too. And my 19 month old’s first words were “iPod, Dada, and chocolate chips,” so he knew what Mom likes! Time to whittle that list down to “Dada!” Let’s face it…my hips could use the whittling!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Shandra! Sounds like we have similar bad habits! And stay tuned … Your replacement advice should appear in an upcoming post! 🙂

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