Day 15: Check-In

So, it’s been about one week of physically changing a habit. How’s it going? Are you feeling good, bad, ugly?

As I said earlier, my attempts have had some gray areas that I’m still trying to iron out. I’m feeling really good about my Facebook habits. The app is gone from my iPod, so I’m not tempted to check it there. (OK, I’ve been tempted, but it’s just not there anymore, so deleting it has been a good choice.) I’ve found that I comment on people’s stuff a little less, since stuff that happened 12 hours ago is less comment worthy sometimes. This has had a hidden benefit of fewer emails, since I get email notifications after people comment after me.

I’ve realized how much people repeat themselves on Twitter. I follow a lot of writers, so many mention their latest post several times a day. It becomes more obvious when you see it three times as you scroll through 50 posts. I still prefer using the app on my iPod for checking Twitter, so it’s more of a temptation during the day. I do wonder if I really need to follow everyone I follow? I might make some cuts. We’ll see.

I’ve cheated the most on checking my email. It’s an important way of communicating, mostly with my husband. If we need to tell each other something during the day, that’s the easiest way to do it. The stretch from lunch to after the kids go to bed is a bit long, I’m finding. So, I might amend the rules to include a quick check in the late afternoon. We’ll see. I’ve been doing it some days anyway (namely when my husband is working in town, whereas texting happens more often when he’s working out of town), so rather than break my rules, maybe I should make them more agreeable.

Taking 24 (ish) hours off from social media has really been refreshing. Numerous times on Sunday I’ll think, “I should check email/FB/Twitter … Oh yeah, I shouldn’t.” It seems odd to not check, but yet it’s nice to not have all the extra mental clutter. I highly recommend it.

Overall, I feel like I’m making strides in being intentional about my online time, which is my goal. I can survive being on Facebook only once a day, and reducing other things has been do-able, too.

How about you?


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