Day 12: Recording Results

All my habits at the beginning of the year were health related. My ultimate goal was to improve my health, but I also was sure hoping to see a lower number on my bathroom scale. I added exercise, removed soda and removed sugar in the first three months of the year. The results were not meeting my expectations.

I found that I needed more than just one thing to measure my results. The number on the scale was not changing, so I started taking some measurements to see if my body size had changed at all. I did finally see a few numbers that got smaller, which was encouraging. Now many months and a couple 5K runs later, the number on the scale still hasn’t changed much. I probably need to make some more changes (a November habit, perhaps?) to see if I get better results.

And I tell you all this to remind you that you may not see dramatic results as quickly as you’d like, but it’s worth it to keep working on your habit. We’re only a few days into changing a habit, so hopefully you aren’t expecting to have a drastic life change yet. But you probably have some sort of goal or desire that changing a habit might bring. I hope you see your goal! But if you don’t, look for a different change or a different thing to measure how you are doing.

You might find a completely unexpected result. I found that when I’m exercising regularly, I sleep much better! That wasn’t on my radar at all but has proven to be a great benefit of exercise.

With my internet changes right now, I expect that I’ll be getting things done during the day, since I’m not wasting time surfing the net. So far, I’m finding I need more time in the evening to get stuff done on the internet (more on that tomorrow), so I feel like it’s a negative result so far. I will continue to look for other areas where my habit change is making a difference. I hope you’ll do the same with your habit.



2 thoughts on “Day 12: Recording Results

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