Day 11: Count the Cost

As we round out our first week of actually working on our habits, you might need a little motivation to keep going. The weekend usually brings a different routine and, for me, an easier chance to blow my habits and throw all my work out the window.

One motivating factor could be to count the cost. Figure out what it will cost you if you give up on changing your habit.

When I added consistent exercise in January, I was getting up earlier and losing some possible sleep, but I was gaining energy in the day and hopefully improving my health. It just felt good to start my day being active.

When I was giving up soda, I figured out how much money I was saving by not drinking a can of pop every day. It wasn’t huge, but it was still money. Not to mention how many calories and harmful ingredients I was not ingesting.

As I work on my internet habits, I am hopefully making better use of my time and having more productivity and building quality relationships.

How about you? Have you counted the cost? What will it cost you to give up your habit? What will you gain if you stick with it?



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