Day 8: Some 31 Day Helpers

Since I got behind a day, I’m attempting to catch up. And I will. I promise.

Today I’m directing you to other 31 Day Series that might help with a habit you’d like to change. There are more than 1,200 series going on, and some of them are habit related. Here are a few:

31 Days …

Of Home Management Printables at Organizing Homelife

To a Clean House at Clean Mama

To a Healthier Life at Eclectic What Not

Of Organizing Fun at Organizing Made Fun

Of Prayer at Dream

I skimmed through the list, so I probably missed some. 

I also have to mention this one: Reclaiming the Family — Kicking Distractions to the Curb. She was talking about unplugging … perfect for my habit of taming my online time. It looks like she unplugged her series, which is rather inspiring. Life is like that sometimes. You just have to unplug.


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