Day 6: Define Your Details

This is it, the last assignment. Hopefully it has been helpful for you to really think about your habits and how you want to tackle changing one. 

Today we will define exactly how we plan to change our habit. We will incorporate everything from our previous assignments and write out a solid plan.

The habit I am changing is to tame my online time. It’s impossible to avoid social media, so I can’t just “quit” it. I can be intentional about how I use it. I currently have a laptop and an iPod touch with WiFi access. I don’t even have a fancy smart phone or my problem would probably be much worse. Here’s my plan for reducing my online time for the rest of the month:

  • Check email first thing in the morning, at lunch and then after the kids are in bed. No more checking email every time I hear a “ding” notification from my iPod that I have a new message. The messages won’t go away. (I think I can disable the “ding,” and I should look into that.)
  • Only check Facebook from my computer, and most likely only in the evening. Remove my Facebook app from my iPod to remove the temptation. (Yikes!) I will make an exception if I get an email notifying me of a message I feel I need to respond to sooner than later. In that case, which should be somewhat rare, I will log on to Facebook and only respond to that message, not browse anything else.
  • Check my Twitter feed in the morning, at lunch and after the kids are in bed. I prefer the app on my iPod for checking Twitter over the official website, so I’ll keep that app but try to ignore it during the day.
  • Take a 24-hour internet “Sabbath.” From Saturday evening to Sunday evening I will not be online. At all. (Double yikes!) I’m picking that time frame to spend some time on Sunday, a traditional day of rest (in theory) for our family, resting from the internet. I’m not just blocking off all of Sunday because I feel it helps get Monday off to a better start to catch up on emails Sunday night.

So, there you have it! My plan to *gulp* reduce my time online. It’s a “gusto” plan, I guess, since I’m not gradually adding any of these steps. I’m just jumping in and going for it. Since it’s Saturday evening, I guess I’ll go ahead and start right now by signing off. Feel free to start your habit on Sunday or Monday, which ever makes most sense for your plan.

See you in 24 hours!


6 thoughts on “Day 6: Define Your Details

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