Day 2: Mock Trial

Have you spent some time thinking about your habits, the good, the bad and the ugly? Hopefully, it provided some insight into the good habits you have formed and some ideas to make changes.

I won’t have an assignment every day, but you will for these first few days as we figure out what our one habit will be.

I am going to assume you made some sort of list, either written or mental, of habits you’d like to work on. You may have even decided on “the one.” (No worries if you haven’t.) I might suggest for your first attempt at changing a habit to pick something you can add to your life, rather than subtract or quit. For example, I want to drink more water or exercise more or make my bed every day. For me, adding a good habit is easier than quitting a bad one. Let’s make this a positive experience!

Today we’re going to take the top few from our list and do a mock trial. I want you to go through your day and pretend you are changing a habit or two. Don’t actually start something new or quit something just yet. Only pretend and use your imagination. Start thinking about what it will really be like if you change your habit.

For example, let’s say I’m considering making a habit of making my bed. For my mock trial, I’m not actually going to make my bed at all. I’m just going to say to myself, “Self, I need to work on making my bed every day. What will need to change for this to happen? What do I need to consider before committing to making my bed daily?”

My example is obviously quite simple. (Although, I think my bed did not get made today. ha ha!) The habit you are considering might have some bigger issues to consider. Here are a few questions you might ask yourself during your mock trial:

What will changing this habit really look like throughout my day?

What motivation might help me along?

How will changing this habit affect the people I live with? Work with?

I have some commitments already established for the month, so will changing this habit interfere with my previous commitments?

If I’m thinking about quitting something, what can I do to replace the thing I’m quitting?

Is this habit specific enough, or should I narrow it down a bit more and take a smaller step to start with?

You will probably come up with other issues that are pertinent to the habit you are considering. It will be different for everyone. Have fun with your mock trial! It’s a lot more thinking and pondering. Don’t expect to figure it all out, but you’ll be surprised how much you pick up on as you pretend you are changing a habit. And you get the luxury of not having to actually do it … yet! 😉

*Please note that I’m posting in the evening, so you can do Day 2 on October 3, or October 10. No worries.


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