Time to Quit

Today is the day, February 1st. My goal is to eliminate soda in the month of February. My goal was to reduce my pop consumption during January. That didn’t really happen, which might make this month more brutal. We shall see.

My drug  soda of choice has been Mt. Dew. We actually ran out of it in the house last week, so I haven’t had a Mt. Dew for about one week. I was kind of hoping to have a memorable “last can,” but I’m not even sure which day was my last. Maybe it’s better that way. My official start day kind of became Monday, January 30. Since we didn’t have any Mt. Dew in the house anyway, I guess it was as good a day as any to quit.

I don’t even have a can of Mt. Dew to take a picture of to jazz up this post. We recycled all our cans on Saturday. Out of sight, out of mind? I’m not sure.

Are you trying to quit something? Did you set a New Year’s Resolution that needs a little re-charge? Every day is a new day! Join me as we “quit it” in February!


2 thoughts on “Time to Quit

  1. You can do this!! To break an old habit you must replace it with something new. For you, you need a better choice of drink. Water is a good choice 🙂 You can put a little lemon or ginger in it to jazz it up a bit 🙂 As Andrew would say, “May the force be with you”!

  2. You can do it! It’s amazing how pop is so important. I still have a dp once in awhile but I can live without it. We don’t have any pop in our house though now. Quite a drastic change from a year ago when the boxes of 12 packs were stacked in our dining room. Sad, sad, sad :). Just think of the money you will save too! Pop has really gotten expensive.

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