Ordinary Magnificence

I was driving kids to school this morning, thinking about my to-do list for the day, and wondering what I would write for Magnificence Monday. Christmas songs were playing over the radio, and while I’m not sure which tune was bouncing around the car, it got me thinking about the shepherds.

The first people to know about Jesus’ birth, besides His parents, were the shepherds. Common men working the night shift got the greatest announcement of all time.

They went to visit some other common folks, Mary and Joseph. An ordinary couple chosen to raise a Savior.

It’s hard to fathom a Savior being born in a stable. It’s even harder to fathom how God continues to use common, ordinary people to carry out His work. We don’t need special qualifications. No experience necessary. We are given the task of sharing the Magnificence of God.


This post is part of Magnificence Mondays. Do you have something marvelous to share? A story, a picture, or anything that comes to mind. Write a post or comment below! And more importantly, notice and remember.


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