Day 28: The End in Sight

Can you believe we’ve made it to Day 28 already? The race is almost over. The end is in sight. I need to push through, but I also need to keep with my pace so I don’t trip and fall before crossing the finish line.

So, today I point you to some stories I’ve come across lately. They are amazing and inspiring. I hope you like them.

Blind teen keeps on running, thanks to guide dog — By Lisa A. Flam,

100-year-old marathon runner an inspiration — By K.C. Dermody, Yahoo! Contributor Network

(I’ve read that the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records can’t give him a world record because they can’t verify his age, but it’s still pretty inspiring.)


2 thoughts on “Day 28: The End in Sight

  1. Way to go Cori! Way to “press on”!!
    I had just seen that story about the girl and her dog yesterday! WOW, that is so amazing!! It also took me back about 20 years…that is the same condition April Nelson (Lewis) was healed from!!

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