Day 22: Race Day Jitters

I arrived at my first 5K, put on my race numbers and started looking around.

Looking around was a bad idea. I started to wonder what I had signed myself up for.

People were stretching, which I expected. But a lot of people were stretching their arms. Do I need to stretch my arms? Are my arms key to running? Have I been missing this all along?
The race started at the indoor rec center of a local college. It includes a track. People were running on the track. What?! People are running before we start running a race? Did I miss something else? Why would I want to run before I go run? 

I started seeing people I knew. People I knew were good runners. People that made me wish I could be invisible.

I felt way out of my league.

Looking around can do that to you.

The problem with looking around is that we have a tendency to look at the best and compare to our worst.

I was attempting

my first 5K and couldn’t stop looking at a woman who was obviously a serious runner. In fact, she ended up being the best female runner. She was the top finishing woman. She won a new pair of shoes.

Why would I compare myself to the champion when I was attempting my first distance race ever?

I wish I had the answer to this question. But for now, I’m going to start a new training program. I need to train myself to stop looking around.


2 thoughts on “Day 22: Race Day Jitters

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