Day 20: Adjustments

I mentioned the other day how my heart thanked me for running. It was a good feeling, and it started right away.

Other body parts needed a little more time to thank me. Muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints all gave some protest when I started running. The adjustment period wasn’t bad, though, with the gradual increase in running in the Couch to 5K program.

It seems like most exercise programs start off with a bang and leave people in major pain after a few days. I distinctly remember going out for volleyball my freshman year of high school. We started practice on a Thursday, and it lasted five or six hours. On Friday, we repeated this schedule. On Saturday, I could barely move. Every muscle in my body — some I didn’t realize existed — screamed in protest when I tried to move.

Thankfully, that did not happen when I started running. I did experience some sore leg muscles, and my knees and ankles were not always happy with my first steps. Eventually, though, I didn’t notice those issues anymore.

It is a good reminder for why new things should be started slowly, but also how changes we make can affect other areas of our life as well. Just as running had different effects on body parts, so changes we make have different effects on our families, friends, jobs, resources, etc.

It takes time for all the parts to adjust to the changes and help the movement more fluid and comfortable, so give yourself time to let your ankles catch up with your heart.


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