Day 19: Run for Life

The thought of running farther than a 5K has pretty much never crossed my mind. Three miles is plenty. Three miles is hard enough. I can barely make it to the finish line at a 5K, let alone go the distance of a 10K or half-marathon. I’m not that crazy.

But then one night when my husband was out of town and I was up way too late trying to read the entire Internet, I came across this video.

Poverty. Orphans. Sex trafficking. Those things seem to tie my heart into knots and send water tricking down my cheaks. The problems seem too big. It seems like I could never do enough. But what if I could run? I’m not convinced I could run a longer race, but for a cause like this, it might be worth the try.

Those living in poverty, children without families, girls sold into the unthinkable — they don’t have to be left alone. We can be on their team. We can run so they can be given a better life.


I tried to post this yesterday, but had difficulties. Look for another post later today to catch up.


2 thoughts on “Day 19: Run for Life

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