Day 18: Heartbeat

One of the first things I noticed when learning to run was how happy it made my heart. It was the strangest thing. My heart would be pounding away, working overtime, and beating wildly. Yet, it felt good. It felt great! It was as if my heart was saying, “Thank you for making me work a little harder!”

My husband started running. And guess what he told me? Yep. How good his heart felt. As if it was thanking him.

It’s not to say that it is easy or always feels good during the run, but afterwards there’s a sense of accomplishment. It makes the heart happy.

Some things in life are hard or challenging, yet when we’re done there is a sense of accomplishment. It’s as if  our hearts say, “Thank you for pushing through. Thanks for having courage. Thanks for having hope. Thanks for showing love.”

Apparently our hearts are made to beat, sometimes wildly and out of control.


3 thoughts on “Day 18: Heartbeat

  1. I feel the same way. It can be a battle to get myself to exercise (whether running or weight training) sometimes, but every time I do my whole body seems to be very grateful. It’s a great feeling!

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