Day 17: Running a Team Sport?

Baseball has been on a lot at our house lately. It’s on all season, really, but “our team” is still playing (Go Cardinals!!), so we’re getting some extended viewing this year. It is most certainly a team sport. You need a pitchers, batters, infielders, outfielders and coaches. We sometimes got by with “ghost runners” when we played as kids in the backyard, but you aren’t likely to have much fun playing baseball by yourself.

I usually think of running as an individual sport. Sure, there are school cross country teams and track teams where individual performances can help a team score. For the most part, though, I think of it as one person heading out on their own.

My view started to change a little when I ran my most recent 5K.

As I trotted along, I couldn’t help but notice how many people were necessary for the race to happen. There were those who organized the race, others who handed out packets, sponsors listed on T-shirts, people along the route directing traffic, people handing out water, people cleaning up the empty cups tossed to the ground, people handing out ribbons and water at the finish line. Then there was my husband, who is my greatest encourager. And my parents who took care of my children while I ran. I think you get the idea.

It reminded me of something said by a young man from our church who works in youth ministry with his wife overseas. He said it’s a team sport. They might be on the front line, but they can’t be out there alone. They need supporters and helpers and others to come alongside them.

You can work so that others can run.

You can give so that others can go.

You can pray so that others can be encouraged.

You can share so that others can eat.

You can support so that others can adopt.

You can volunteer so that others can feel loved.

Life is not an individual sport. We all need a team.


5 thoughts on “Day 17: Running a Team Sport?

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