Day 15: Musical Motivation

It’s forecast to be a beautiful day in Iowa today, so I’ll be out enjoying some time with my family! Before I go, I have a question for you:

What music do you listen to when you run?

Before I ran the 5K with my friends, we had the conversation about how it’s hard to find Christian music that’s good for running. There’s good music out there, but it sometimes lacks the pep that’s needed to motivate one to keep running. There was even a post about this recently over at Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like blog recently that addressed this issue.

Maybe you don’t listen to any Christian music, that’s no problem. Feel free to chime in anyway. I’m looking for any music that might keep me motivated to run. Especially as the weather is about to turn towards winter here. Some extra motivation will be required. 😉


6 thoughts on “Day 15: Musical Motivation

  1. It is cold and windy in Ohio this am, but I managed to go out for a couple of miles already. 🙂 I like TobyMac and Newsboys for running. I also have some songs by Revive that I like, plus some older Avalon stuff. 🙂

  2. Just clicked on your blog and have read through your 31 days so far. So many great posta that speak to the runner/writer/God lover in me. Thank you. As far as music goes, I have Skillet, Switchfoot, Anberlin, Superchick, Toby Mac, Newsboys, Kerrie Roberts, and Manifest on my playlist right now.

  3. I’m here from the 31 days list on Nester! I am a very NEW runner, and am also using the C25K app/training program. There is a 5K this weekend that I hope to run…we’ll see! I didn’t realize that the C25K ends before I actually reach the 5K goal… Everyone assures me that I’ll be able to run the 3.1 miles in a race atmosphere, but the control freak in me wants to make sure by trying to do a long run (3 miles???) tomorrow before this weekend.

    Okay, too much information! Sorry!!! What I WANTED to tell you is how I listen to Christian music while I run. I don’t own much music. I have a smart phone (DroidX), and either use the free i heart radio app, or the Pandora app. My favorite is the iheartradio app. I select “Music”, then “Christian and Gospel”, then “Christian Hits (Today’s top 20 Hit Christian Music)”. On Pandora, I program a “Casting Crowns” station. The best part about these smart phone apps–FREE MUSIC!!! 🙂

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