Day 13: The Corner

I have a fairly consistent route in my neighborhood that I take when I run. I prefer flat ground, so I’m slightly limited because there are a few large hills in the area.

I go down my street and then back up. Around the corner. Up a street, down a street. You get the idea.

There is one corner that has become my point of no return. If I turn left at this corner, I can be home in about 30 seconds. If I go straight, there is no turning back.

Of course, I can always stop and turn around, but there is something about this particular corner. Once I pass it, I know I’ll keep going until the end.

It’s not very far into my route, maybe 1/4th of the way along. When I first started running, my body was always ready to quit by this corner. I was usually thinking, “I have barely started, but I am ready to stop.” I had to focus on going straight and looking ahead. It became the old “mind over matter” cliche. Just keep running. Just keep running.

Now, when I’m at this corner, I rarely think of stopping or turning left. I can move past this corner with ease, mostly because I know it gets harder down the road. I’ve moved to a new “corner” so to speak.

And that’s how life seems to be, moving from one corner to the next. Some corners slow us down more than others. Some catch us completely off-guard. But when we keep running straight and convince ourselves that turning left is not an option, we gain momentum to press on.


3 thoughts on “Day 13: The Corner

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