Day 12: Running in the Dark

Getting up early to run in the fall in my neck of the world means it is dark outside. Not dark enough to feel like night, but not light enough to feel like I should be awake. Or running.

As I’ve said before, I’m not really a morning person. (And using the word “really” in that sentence was really not necessary.) Getting up to run in darkness was not helping my cause.

Until I ran a little bit later on a Saturday morning when it was light. And more people were out and about. And I felt like the entire neighborhood was peering out front windows, from behind curtains and shades, and watching me run.

Then, I was quite content to run in the dark. (And I considered purchasing a treadmill and placing it in our front entryway — the only location in our house where one could fit — cause no one would think that was weird! ;))

When you are learning to do something new, and feeling clumsy and unsure and a little bit ridiculous, it’s easy to be overtaken by the feeling that the whole world is watching. And not just watching, but staring and judging and thinking you are weird. It feels safer to hide or to run in the dark.

But the truth is, quite frankly, most people have better things to do than peek out their windows and think you are weird. And even if someone does think you are weird, does that really matter?

And I need to replace all of the “yous” in the previous sentences with an “I” because thinking about what other people think of me is something I’d like to do less.

What about you? Do you have some passion that you do in the dark? Can you muster the courage and risk stepping outside on a Saturday morning in front of the whole neighborhood?


5 thoughts on “Day 12: Running in the Dark

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  2. Random comments: do your blog stats show a visitor from israel? 🙂 Nicki and I have been running in the dark here (separetely, since one is watching Sammy)…it is the only time that isn’t too hot! Ok, now a less superficial answer: i sing in the “dark”! i think i realized in china that i actually like to sing, even though i’ve always said i don’t b/c i don’t think my voice is “good enough”. karaoke is great fun…like running on a sunny saturday!

    • I’ll have to check the stats and see. It did tell me when you subscribed & said you appeared to be from Great Brittain. 🙂 We never did get to a karaoke place in China. Have you found any in Israel? God doesn’t care how we sound! 🙂

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