Day 11: Passion

On Saturday morning I went for a short run. On my way back home I saw a guy I know who was running. My face was hot and sweat was dripping down. He looked like his run wasn’t phasing him at all.

I went home, had some breakfast, took a shower and then headed to my church. I waited with some other ladies as we got ready to depart for a retreat. On the way to our retreat location guess who I saw? The same guy was still running. It was at least an hour later, and we were on the opposite side of town. I could hardly believe it.

On Monday, I read about a woman who completed the Chicago marathon and later gave birth to her full-term baby. I really can’t imagine running a marathon, let alone doing it while being nine months pregnant. She did a running/walking combination, but still, it was a marathon.

The more I thought about these two things, the more I felt like my little running gig was kind of a joke.

But then I read Emily Freeman’s post yesterday. She’s writing 31 Days to Change the World. (It’s good stuff. You should check it out.) Her post was about finding your passion. And not only that, but being OK with other people having different passions.

And that was just what I needed to hear. Running is not my passion. And it probably never will be. It’s been a challenge and a good way to get some exercise. And it has also given me plenty of ideas for what I do really enjoy: writing about what I learn in this life I live.



4 thoughts on “Day 11: Passion

  1. I know how you feel! My husband loves to run, and if he has the time he’ll go for miles and miles. But I just can’t seem to be that passionate about it. At first I felt a little guilty about it, wanting to share a hobby with my hubby. But now I’ve learned it’s okay. And we’ve found other things we like to do together!

    • “But now I’ve learned it’s okay.” So good! I love that. We need to learn we are okay being ourselves and not try to be someone else. And good for you finding other things to do together!

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