Serious Me

I made a commitment to running last week when I purchased some expensive shoes. My first bout with running was with oldish tennis shoes. I couldn’t justify buying fancy shoes until I knew I was going to actually keep up with this running gig. I decided it was time to get some better treads for my feet, especially since I’ve had some shin pain issues lately, and bad shoes can contribute to that. So, I stopped in a local shoe store and told my girls to behave as I looked at shoes.

The lady who helped me immediately directed me to a certain brand that she said was the best running shoe and something about the brand was what all the “serious runners” used.

“Oh,” I said chuckling, “I’m not a serious runner.” Couldn’t she tell by looking at me? Aren’t most runners long and lean, not short and, well, you know … not me?

After trying on a few brands, I did buy the least expensive model of the recommended brand.

Which, of course, got me thinking. Do I ever intend to be a serious runner? How do you obtain this title? Do I need to log a certain number of miles? Races? Speed?

Recreational jogger seems like a better title. Do they make shoes for recreational joggers?

What about recreational writers? Is that what I am? Is that my goal? Do I ever intend to be a serious writer? Can I just randomly write and call myself a writer?

Because, I don’t call myself a writer. I don’t call myself a runner. I don’t think I’m qualified for either title. Even without the serious.

So, for now, I’ll keep being serious about what is most important … being me. Do I need a label of writer or runner or something-or-other? Sometimes serious. Sometimes random. Maybe that’s just the way I’m supposed to be.

So, you be you. I’ll be me. And I’ll continue to randomly write the things I think about while buying a pair of shoes.


5 thoughts on “Serious Me

  1. Seriously…whether you are serious or not…you are a writer…seriously!!
    Nice job! And now I know why you were up too late last night! 🙂
    ENJOY wearing out your new “joggers”!!

  2. I saw your comment at Emily’s. I’m a recent runner myself. A great topic for the 31 days series! My husband insists on the best running shoes. And since I’m 48 I think it’s a good idea to prevent injuries. How are you coming along?

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully my writing can catch up to my running. I’m doing the Couch to 5K program, which I highly recommend! I did it last fall, too. So, I’m still a beginner, I think. I’m learning to enjoy something I always hated!

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