Hard Love

I’m participating in my first “5 Minute Friday.” Here’s what it’s all about: The Gypsy Mama gives a writing prompt and others join in, writing about that topic for 5 minutes with no editing or tweaking. “Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not,” she says.

The Hard Love …

I noticed a touch of pink in my backyard this morning. The first blooms of our bleeding heart plant. (I thought about getting a picture, but it rained most of the day, so the photo above is from last year.)

It seems fitting to see a bleeding heart today, Good Friday. The day that hard love was born. The day that love did what it didn’t have to do, all for the sake of relationship.

I can learn a lot from hard love. I need to “do” hard love more often. I need to give when I don’t feel like giving. I need to bite my tongue when I’m about to say something that doesn’t need to be said. I need to lay down my rights in an effort to put someone else first.

It seems so un-American, but it is exactly what God did. Christ gave up His life for the sake of relationship. For the sake of you. For the sake of me.


5 thoughts on “Hard Love

  1. I am delighted to discover yet another wonderful new blog! Thank you for these good words today and thank you for returning to this restless calling from cyberspace. You will ALWAYS battle your guilt when you take time to nurture your gift and you will also learn how to balance it better, to keep that voice at bay. Keep at it, whoever you are – you have something to say that others need to hear. Your friend Mandy is right on.

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