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So, this blog has been rather quiet for a while. I think my problem is I have discovered a bazillion other blogs recently and have been spending much time reading and not writing. Some blogs I read take the weekend to post links to other blogs posts that their readers might enjoy. So, for my first post of the year, I will direct  you to some ofthe things we have been up to, some posts that I enjoyed and some that made me think. Maybe you will enjoy them, too.

I  made this yummy Santa Party Mix from over at Cookies and Cups. The santa hats are only for crazy people like me who enjoy spending hours making things that will be eaten in a matter of minutes. 😉 The rest of the mix would work anytime. And, the way she recommends getting the white chocolate (I used almond bark) spread on the mix will save you hours of time if you love covered pretzels! I tried it and it worked great!

We made these fun ornaments with the kids’ hand prints using ideas found at eighteen25 and Little Bit Funky.

This is such a fun and easy craft. Your kids will think it’s cool getting their hand painted, too. 🙂 We used some unbreakable ornaments from the dollar section at Target. Blue for a sky would have been fun, but I couldn’t find any blue ornaments when I was out looking. These hand-stamped snowmen could easily be placed on paper, wood, fabric, who knows? Use your imagination!

I found an idea I didn’t get to try but will put on my “list.” Don’t the string balls in this post from Simple Mom look fun and easy? I think it’s a look that could work year-round by using string that matches your home decor or is seasonal for holidays other than Christmas, too.

I also have a little girl who was certain Santa would bring her a Barbie Dream House. I guess Santa didn’t want to spend $140 or more on a plastic house with cardboard walls. 😉 But, lucky for this little girl, her mom saw this post and is now dreaming of an even better Barbie Dream House that will hopefully become reality over the next year. (I’m bookmarking Barbie house ideas, by the way, so let me know if you have any or see any!)

And since most of this post has had a Christmas theme to it, here are some great reads to keep you in the Christmas mood. I read somewhere the other day, “We’ve packed away Christmas, but we can’t pack away Christ.” That is so true!

You Don’t Have Time to Read this Blog at Treasure Hunt — Some interesting thoughts on time management and productivity

The “R” Word at Stuff Christians Like — Some good words to remember every day. Code Adam! Code Cori! Code (Insert your name here)!

That is probably enough links for now. I do have a few posts partially written, and I’m hoping to post one thing a week.



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