Am I Just a Mailbox?

I was out for a morning walk recently when I noticed something in my neighbor’s yard. It was a mailbox.  The words “Avon Brochures” had been painted on the mailbox, and it was tucked in between some pretty flowers on a stone retaining wall.

I don’t really know this neighbor, other than she and her husband have spent hours upon hours fixing up their yard. We joke that they seem to just like to work and keep inventing new ways to make more work. Their yard is beautiful, though. The work has provided a lot of beauty.

But, like I said, I don’t know this neighbor personally. Efforts to even say, “Hello!” to her have not been well received, so I haven’t tried very hard. I certainly didn’t know that she sold Avon products.

I suspect her mailbox didn’t prompt much business because it has been removed from the yard.

Does anyone want to stop and open a mailbox to get a brochure?

Is that really an effective way to sell something?

She should certainly be more proactive if she expects to sell anything.

And I suspect I am often just like my neighbor.

I put out my mailbox labeled “My Faith” and wait for a passerby to reach in and pull out a brochure.

Instead, I should be more like a mailman, delivering little packages of God’s love to everyone I meet.

Am I being a mailbox or the mailman?


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