Mom Awards

It’s award season: Oscars, Country Music Awards, Pulitzers, etc. It got me wondering, what if we rolled out the red carpet for some Mom Awards? What would moms be judged on (or don’t we already judge each other and ourselves way too much?) Every industry or profession seems to have some sort of top award. What about those of us who are in the motherhood industry?

Would moms be judged on their own actions or the actions of their children? This is getting complicated! Well behaved kids, clean kids, clean homes, patient moms, creative moms, frugal moms, the list could go on!

If you could win in a mom category, which category would it be? An area you are already good at or one you would like to improve in?

Pick one and chase after it! That will make you a great mom!

And, if your kid wins an award someday, hopefully he or she will say, “I’d like to thank my mom …”


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