Got Ink?

In college, my roommate and I collected those “Got Milk?” ads to decorate our dorm room. A great way to decorate on a budget, huh? 😉

I’m wondering if I need a “Got Ink?” campaign for my “writing pen.” Actually, that’s not true. I’m thinking the pen has plenty of ink, it’s just not going to be put to use right now. Several things have happened recently to lead me to scrap the writing blog. My original goal was to share some of the ways God has been using the ordinary things of life to teach me things. How I’ve been learning and growing lately and hopefully becoming the person He created me to be. Interestingly, the things I’ve learned in the last few weeks are leading me to put the pen away for this season. Here’s why:

Lesson #1: There’s really no time. What was I thinking? I know what I was thinking, I know lots of other women who seem to balance a family and working and many other things. I’m not those other women. I am me. I’m not sure me and balancing many things always go together very well.

Lesson #2: I attended Kindergarten Round-Up last week. I had spoken to several moms I know about starting school, things I should know, teachers I should request, etc. One mom was very kind to warn me about my emotions. I didn’t believe her until I was sitting at the school and fighting back tears. It reminded me of what I wrote in this post about enjoying the moments with my kids, because they grow so fast. (And according to another friend, who is sending her third child to Kindergarten next fall, it doesn’t get any less emotional to send them off to school.) So, while I know Andrew will do great at school and I’m excited for what he will learn, I also realize that in a few short years it will be Paige’s turn for Kingergarten Round-Up. My time “in the trenches” of motherhood will go by quickly. There will be time post-mommy for some “me” desires, like writing.

Lesson #3: I do think writing is a gift, a “thing” that is part of me. And, I think God gives us gifts to use for His glory. He specifically says in the Bible that our gifts are given to build the Body, as in The Chuch, or fellow Believers. This can be in The Church (big “C”), as in the global body of Christians around the world, or the church (little “c”), as in the local body of believers of which I am a member. God has actually already given me the opportunity to write within my local church. I put together the church newsletter and write news releases for the local media. It’s often nothing fancy, but it’s a thing I can do to bring God glory and serve in my local church family. (And since most of my faithful blog readers are on the church newsletter mailing list, you’ll still get to see what God’s tugging at me to write about. Aren’t you lucky? 😉 )

Lesson #4: While writing is a gift, God has also given me four other gifts that must be a priority in my life. They are my awesome, wonderful husband and my three precious kids. If my brain is in story idea and writing mode, it’s not in being a good wife and mother mode. That’s not good. While there is nothing wrong with pursuing things outside of being a wife and mom, it is not what God has for me at this moment. God has asked me to find joy and contentment in what He has already given me. I think that is how I will learn, grow and become the woman He has created me to be. And I’m pretty sure it will give me great fodder for stories and things that can be written in the future.

So, thanks for joining me in this brief journey! Last I checked, there were more than 160 hits on this blog. I’m guessing it’s about five of you who check back often to see if anything has been written. 😉 You can save your time and stop checking, because I think this will be the last post here for a while.


3 thoughts on “Got Ink?

  1. WOW Cori, Yes you do have a gift for writing and I have enjoyed every word of this short journey. Even if short…it is very powerful!! I can tell you that the years do fly by. after all I have to launch my baby off to college soon. So we can be emotional together and enjoy the journey 🙂 I love you and am so proud of you!! Ben and your precious babies are blessed to have you!!!!!!!!!!

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