Hello world!

My husband is great at math. Well, he’s great at a lot of things, math being one of them. He can easily calculate things in his head. That’s the way his brain works. [My brain does not work that way.]  It’s one of his gifts.

I am always thinking of story ideas. That’s how my brain works. I’m starting to view it as a gift. I’ve had a desire in recent months to do more writing, to act on some of these story ideas. I didn’t know what I’d do with them, though. Would I just write some stuff and store it on my computer in case it could be used in the future? Should I look for some publication that wants a writer? What are my motives? When do I really think I’ll spend time writing in my *abundance* of free time?

Then, a light bulb came on in my brain … I could blog! I’ve been blogging on our family site for several months now, but I’m slow. Another aspect of my brain function. I already have the family site, but I feel like these story ideas don’t fit there. So, I’m starting blog number two. Several years ago, when I first heard about blogging my initial thought was, “Really? Have we become a society that is so self-centered that we think the whole world wants to hear our opinions?” LOL! Oh the comedy! Now I have two blogs.

I hope I’m not so arrogant to believe that everyone is dying to hear what goes on in my brain. You’re welcome to never come back here. The thing is, I can’t get this writing thing out of my head. When I left a former job in the news industry, my former boss gave me a pen. It was symbolic. “Keep writing,” she said. So, here I go. I’m using my “pen.”


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

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